Our Work and Culture is Guided by Our Core Values

  • Impact: We are committed to creating measurable change and making a positive difference by improving research that informs clinical decision-making. This in turn improves patient care, promotes the efficient use of resources, and fosters meaningful innovation. 
  • Excellence: We are independent, impartial and transparent.  We are responsive and highly attentive to detail. 
  • Collaboration: We believe high-quality, feasible clinical research requires meaningful interaction and trust across all relevant stakeholder groups in healthcare.  This trust is earned over time by ensuring stakeholder interactions are conducted in a respectful, fair, competent, legitimate and accountable manner.
  • Knowledge: We are a learning organization, committed to eliciting diverse perspectives and creating new knowledge that is actionable.
  • Innovation: We are trailblazers, serving as a catalyst for new ideas and focusing on game-changing initiatives.


CMTP does not have any full time positions open at this time.  You may submit your resume for future consideration via email. CMTP also offers internships for college and graduate students, and fellowships for working professionals. CMTP is interested in working with students and researchers in medicine, health services research, public policy, epidemiology, and other related fields.  Internships and fellowships are arranged on an individual basis and are tailored to suit the needs of the individual and CMTP. If you are interested in a fellowship or internship with CMTP, email for further details.