RWE Decoder

GPC, along with project participants, developed the RWE Decoder, a Real World Evidence (RWE) assessment tool to help health care decision makers assess RWE when making tough coverage and care choices. This tool represents a positive step forward in creating a practical way for decision makers to identify the subset of RWE studies worth their attention. RWE Decoder will help users differentiate high quality from low quality studies and will be useful to those already using, or likely to use, RWE to guide their decision-making.

Available to dowload in our reource center:  RWE Decoder Tool; RWE Decoder Framework (white paper); RWE Decoder User's Guide; and RWE Decoder Quick Start Guide.

Testing and Development

Next phases of this iniative include:

  • Recruiting a multi-stakeholder Users Group
  • Developing a desktop application of the RWE Decoder (version 2.0)
  • Hosting an educational webinar demonstrating the RWE Decoder Tool

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