Our Work

'In an environment of increasing cost pressures, CMTP is an expert in bringing together diverse perspectives to generate evidence that promotes effective, high-value health care, while sustaining meaningful innovation. ' ' Sean Tunis, Founder

Even though government and industry spend billions of dollars to conduct thousands of clinical trials each year, too often we lack information to make the right health care decisions. Patients don’t always have the facts they need to pursue the treatments or behaviors that are right for them. Doctors and other clinicians may not have clear evidence to guide their care plans and prescriptions. Policymakers and payers aren’t always able to determine whether certain treatments or technologies are more cost-effective than others. For many health care interventions, we aren’t completely sure what works best and what’s worth paying for. CMTP encourages collaboration among a broad range of stakeholders to develop methodological guidance, enhance the clinical research process, and shape policy--all of which helps to create the knowledge patients, clinicians, and payers require to make better choices and improve health.